Live-In Caregiver

Round the clock service

At Home Care Assistance, we understand the importance of “home” for elderly individuals who can no longer care for themselves. Our live-in care services make it possible for elderly individuals to remain in the comfort of home while receiving the attention and care they need. With 24/7 monitoring and personalized care plans, our dedicated live-in caregivers are helping to maximize safety and improve the quality of life for their clients. We provide a wide range of live-in home care services such as:

  • Performing Daily Tasks: Light housekeeping, dishes, laundry, picking up prescriptions and grocery shopping.
  • Assistance with Personal Care:  Bathing, Dressing, Incontinence, Toileting and Grooming.
  • Companionship Services: Socialization and participation in daily activities.
  • Health Support: Nutritious meal preparation, Medication reminders, Accompaniment to medical appointments and organizing physical exercises.

Personalized Live-In Caregivers Plans to Meet Your Needs

At Home Care Assistance Calgary, we take the time to listen, learn and understand the needs of our client and their family. During the complimentary in-home assessment, our Case Manager conducts a detailed evaluation of your aging loved one’s needs, as well as consults with family members and their physician. We work with all parties to develop a personalized live-in care plan that details everything from the level of care provided to the daily care schedule.

We make sure you get the Best in Care

Our comprehensive care process guarantees that our clients get the care they need, while their families enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is in professional and caring hands. With Home Care Assistance Calgary, you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best in care:

  • The consistency of Care: Our live-in caregivers are expertly matched with the client for the length of the case. We typically assign a primary caregiver who provides care for four to five days a week and then a secondary caregiver who covers the remainder of the week.
  • Value: Our one-to- one client care is the same price as a private room in a nursing home where the ratio of care is often one caregiver to fifteen residents.
  • Maximum Professionalism: Home Care Assistance live-in caregivers must maintain a separate residence and are permitted on the client’s premises only during their assigned shifts. They are strictly forbidden from using the client’s property, such as phone, television, or car for their personal use and cannot have visitors to the home while they are working. Our clients can relax and enjoy the comforts of their own home, knowing that their personal space is respected.
  • Reduced Risk: Home care reduces the risk of infection that can be associated with a facility environment. In addition, because our caregivers are typically only focused on one client at a time, they’re more likely to notice any problems before they become serious, which is critical to reducing hospital readmission rates.
  • Quality Caregivers: We run background checks on all our potential employees and administer a psychological examination, developed by on-site Ph.D. psychologists to tests for honesty and conscientiousness. All of our caregivers are bonded and insured as employees of Home Care Assistance, not independent contractors.
  • Ongoing Expert Case Management: The Client Case Manager (CCM) is a key point of contact for clients, referral sources, and the broader community. Client Case Managers develop and oversee clients’ care plans, ensuring the highest standard of professionalism from all members of the care team. Case managers work directly with families to make sure clients are happy over the course of our service.

Rest Assured Your Loved One is in Professional and Caring Hands

Our Case Managers are experts in the senior care industry with experience and knowledge in the planning and supervising of live-in care. This strong commitment to providing exceptional care to seniors in Calgary has earned Home Care Assistance a trusted name in the industry. Contact a Case Manager today at 587-894-CARE (2273) to learn more about our live-in care services.